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W.E. O’Neil Construction Promotes within Estimating Department
W.E. O’Neil Construction Company of Colorado is pleased to announce the promotion of Kevin Mullowney to Senior Estimator and Chris Bernhardy to Estimator.
“Kevin and Chris have been an integral part of many successes in our Preconstruction and Estimating Department. We are thrilled to celebrate their well- deserved promotions.” – Stu Elliot, Vice President
– Chief Estimator
Kevin Mullowney joined W.E. O’Neil in 2010 as a Project Engineer, after several years in residential purchasing and subcontractor management. During his time at W.E. O’Neil, Kevin progressed to Project Management and has spent the last four and half years in our Estimating department. Kevin not only holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management but also Professional Certificates in Construction and Project Management
from Colorado State University. Kevin’s well-rounded perspective and experience is an asset when working on budgets, schedules, and risk mitigation for W.E. O’Neil’s projects.
Chris Bernhardy joined W.E. O’Neil in 2016 as an Estimating Coordinator in our Chicago office and
moved to our Denver office in 2018. Chris has built
upon the solid foundation fostered by WEO Chicago, spending the last 2 years as an Estimating Engineer taking on trade assignments for competitive hard
bids and preconstruction efforts. Chris has earned this promotion through his uncompromising work ethic and by consistently seeking out and tackling new challenges to expand his capacities. With the full support and mentorship provided by his team, he has advanced quickly into the role of a Project Estimator.
Chuck Briant joins Kairoi Residential as Vice President of Asset Management for the Investment Division
 Chuck Briant
Kairoi Residential, a premier, vertically integrated, multifamily investment, development and property management company is pleased to welcome Chuck Briant as the Vice President of Asset Management for the Investment Division. He will oversee all Kairoi Investment properties as the lead asset management executive responsible for executing the investment strategy from inception through disposition.
Briant has a broad base of global real estate experience in all product types. He spent time
in both the US and Europe overseeing a large portfolio of global real estate assets during his ten years at Goldman Sachs. During his tenure at Goldman, he also served as the program leader of the real estate analyst cross-training program. After Goldman, he began to focus
on multifamily becoming the Director of Investments for Cortland. In this role, he led all Cortland's investment and management activities in the Dallas / Fort Worth market. His most
recent role, prior to Kairoi, was as Nicolas Residential's Executive Vice President of asset management and operations where he oversaw over 4,000 units in Texas and Oklahoma implementing institutional best practices and executing multiple business plans.
 Josh Williams
Josh Williams to Lead Generation Constructors for Denver Multifamily Developer
Generation Development, a leading multifamily developer led by industry veteran Chris Lonigro, today announced it has launched a contracting division called Generation Constructors, which will be led by Joshua Williams, vice president of construction.
Williams brings more than 30 years of construction management experience to Generation Constructors, having led the delivery of multiple types of projects, from major infrastructure improvements to transit and transportation hubs, in addition to more than 18 years in residential construction. | Colorado Construction & Design | 25

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