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Baker Concrete Construction’s Mobile Training Program
 Baker Concrete Construction’s Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) Team recently experienced what they might call a “good problem to have”; a spike in demand for co-worker training.
The RMR Team came up with an innovative way to solve its challenge: a training classroom on wheels. They figured a mobile training program could provide consistent training in a timely manner. Apart from a few longer duration training needs (e.g., new hire orientation, IIF, 30 Hour OSHA, etc.), most required training can be conducted at the jobsite. Additionally, most training consists of classroom and hands-on training components that are best completed in the field.
This mobile training program is not limited to just co-worker safety training, this program will also:
• Support operational excellence
• Reinforce company culture
• Increase co-worker accountability
• Help to justify co-worker pay scales and wage determinations
• Serve as an effective marketing tool
During the 2019 year, Baker held a total of 60 classes in the Mobile Training Facility, 462 coworkers attend the different classes, 285 coworkers took training in Spanish Language, 102 in English and 75 coworkers attend a Bilingual training, the average attendance per class was 7.7 coworkers.
 Stantec | A Guide for Re-entry to Normal Operations
As we look to recover from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the local Denver Stantec team can support the re-entry to normal operations. Stantec has created the Getting Back to Social initiative -- a comprehensive guide to encourage and enable safe behaviors and practices for people, communities, and clients in a post-pandemic environment.
Getting Back to Social is designed for the immediate and rapid deployment of signage, informational graphics, and wayfinding centered around the maintenance of now familiar social distancing and hygiene protocols – expected to be needed in the public realm for the foreseeable future.
Stantec believes this Getting Back to Social thinking can be an adaptable, flexible, and customizable program suited to a range of business segments.
Currently, an illustrative test bed of specific signage, amenities, and branded components has been installed in Denver for the purpose of showcasing the potential for heightened public awareness and wellness reminders intended to lower the risk of viral transmission through visually-friendly and emotionally-connecting design.
The standard visuals from Stantec’s pilot program are pictured (at right). However, the package can be adapted to reflect the building owner or tenant’s brand.
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