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COVID-19 A Catalyst for Innovation Around the World
"How to Keep Your Business Thriving in a Post COVID-19 World"
Jack Smith, MCP, President/CEO | initial.IT
 There’s no doubt about it: COVID-19 took the world
by storm. For many organizations, it’s the biggest challenge in decades, especially for those left with no choice but to shut down or embrace remote work. Although lockdowns have been lifted in the majority of states, social distancing is here to stay - at least for the foreseeable future. So how do you keep your business thriving in a post COVID-19 world?
COVID-19 has become a catalyst for innovation around the world. Organizations that will thrive, despite economic uncertainty, are those that are leveraging innovative, strategic technologies, processes, and procedures. This is particularly true when it comes to remote work. If you’re not confident in your remote work strategy, it’s time to make some changes, including:
1. Implement innovative collaboration tools that
allow you and your team members to stay connected, regardless of where you’re working from. This may include:
2. Microsoft 365, which includes the popular video conferencing software known as Microsoft Teams.
3. VoIP business phones that allow you to make and receive calls over the internet as opposed to traditional phone lines.
4. Use enterprise-grade security measures to keep your team members safe against various threats, such as ransomware or viruses. This may include:
5. Anti-virus software, spam filtering, encryption, and multi-factor authentication.
6. VPN technology that creates a secure tunnel between employees and the networks they’re using.
7. Encourage employees to take care of their health and well-being as working remotely, especially if you’ve never done so before, can be difficult. Talk with them about:
8. Enforcing a work schedule and/or boundaries and sticking to them to ensure proper work-life balance.
9. Following proper protocols as outlined by the CDC/ WHO to minimize their risk of exposure to the virus.
10. Provide technology support for remote workers to make sure they’re able to work
11. productively without any frustrating issues getting in the way throughout the workday. They should be able to:"
12. Respond to requests for support and/or troubleshooting via email, phone or web portal.
13. Provide a range of services, including preventative maintenance, cybersecurity, strategic technology planning, and end user cyber training and education.
Although it’s a difficult time filled with economic uncertainty, there are ways to keep your business thriving in a post COVID-19 world." |
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