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 “Getting all the right people in the room to efficiently and effectively solve issues before the cost, schedule, and sequence of activities was fully established was imperative,” says Beckos. “The City of Aurora and Carollo Engineering have embraced this delivery method and great collaboration is driving success. This project will solve huge flooding problems
and showcases what is possible when everyone works together.”
    Fitzsimons-Peoria Stormwater Outfall Project (FPSOP) - images courtesy of BT Construction
Outfall project for the City of Aurora. Woven beneath
two of Aurora’s largest arterials and directly adjacent
to the massive Anschutz Medical Campus and the I-25/ Colfax interchange, this project involves the installation of 13,000 linear feet of large-diameter outfall pipe for stormwater collection. The four-year project will be a major upgrade to the City’s existing collection system built in the 1950s. The project involves four trenchless tunnel crossings, beginning with a pair of very technically challenging micro-tunnels crossing six lanes of Colfax right at the edge of eight lanes of Peoria without disrupting traffic. The second major segment of work consists of roughly a half-mile of 96” pipe through the existing alignment at depths of 17’ to 20’.
“Preplanning the excavation route was extremely challenging,” shares Beckos who is part of a team of project managers leading the work for BT. “Simply finding a point of access was difficult, and then navigating the network of preexisting utilities made the pre-construction process indispensable.”
BT Construction executed a Construction Manager/ General Contractor contract with the City to solve challenges on route to establishing a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the work. |
“Kumar & Associates serves a diverse pool of clients, both public and private, horizontal and vertical, development and reclamation,” says Noll of the firm’s work. “This diversity has been very helpful during economic downturns. We are also very proud to be employee-owned since 2000, a shift that has fostered a new generation of innovation and firm leadership.”
Over a career stretching back to the mid-1980s, Noll has seen a lot of change in the industry. He anticipates a lot more is coming as advances in real-time, decision making pave the way for innovation.
“The days of test results on paper are going away,”
he says. “Today, online reporting and hand-held tablets in the field allow us to be more responsive and interactive with our clients.”
He cautions, however, that the increased continuity afforded by technological advances can be diminished when there is a lack of continuity between geotechnical investigation and construction services.
“If an owner or agency decides to move from one group to another between say the design phase and construction, inevitably there are going to be gaps or issues. Frequently, it is a less than smooth transition. Continuity solves a lot of problems in our discipline.”
Jim Noll
A local leader in geotechnical engineering, Kumar & Associates, Inc. takes pride in 30 years of service to public and private development of every sort across Colorado. Serving a cross-section of
industry, Kumar & Associates provides geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, engineering geology, and environmental services including due diligence, remediation, and compliance. Jim Noll has been with Kumar for nearly 20 years, rising to the role of President in 2008.
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