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   Bond Park - Town of Estes Park - courtesy of Chroma
Chroma’s challenge - maximize usability, accessibility, and circulation, across a condensed one-acre site serving a multitude of ever-changing functions from festival space to downtown commons at a scale suited to both weekend crowds of thousands and weekday lunch respites for two. Electrical hook-ups and many other elements required for festivals or performances are inserted so they disappear during daily public use.
“Sometimes place is about spectacle and people- watching; other times it’s about peace and contemplation,” Lamson continues. “We were able to enhance the primary public edge by introducing undulating seat walls for unobtrusive gathering. Bouncing these edges back and forth allows heavy foot traffic flow through and intimate or group occupation simultaneously.”
Capping the experience, Chroma’s contribution to capturing the essence of place shines a light on the town’s landmark influences. The deftly integrated pavilion subtly points the way to downtown and Rocky Mountain National Park beyond.
“Little details make a difference,” finishes Lamson. “Chroma is proud to play a vital part in celebrating the specialness of place by delivering excellence in site activation.”
From a small but mighty 2006 start, OE Construction has become a true force and reliable resource in excavation and underground utilities. Providing many combinations of services in overlot and site grading, underground
utilities, stormwater management, structural excavation, and demolition, OE Construction serves clients across Colorado from their offices in Golden. Terri Olson has been involved since before the start. Her son, Chris, founded the company in 2006 shortly after graduating from high school and asked her to lend a hand in running
the business early on. Today, as the majority shareholder, Terri is still working with Chris to lead a dedicated team tackling tough challenges in vertical construction, oil and gas, and civil infrastructure.
“Being the biggest doesn’t mean you’re the best,” says Olson. “We are committed to excellent customer service, top-notch safety, and exceptional training for all of
our employees.”
Investing in attracting and retaining
the very best in human capital has been one of Olson’s focuses within the firm. OE has
developed a proprietary operator evaluation system to assess skills with different types of equipment or pipelaying methodologies.
“Big or small, there is an art and a science to what we do, and sometimes that’s lost in translation,” says Olson. “Trade professionals, in general, are thought of as blue-collar workers, which I’m very sensitive about. Our operators are running equipment worth half a million dollars or more in often difficult
and sometimes dangerous conditions. These are very intelligent and incredibly skilled life-long professionals; they are often the smartest people in the room.”
Terri Olson
  New Multi-family complex - courtesy of OE Construction
Employee retention in Colorado’s constricted construction workforce is imperative to success for specialized outfits like OE Construction. Olson is proud to share that many of the firm’s employees have already been with them more than a decade over a 14-year firm history.
Illuminating some of the firm’s recent work, Olson shines a light on a project the firm is doing for a new client, Doran Construction.
“We’re excited to be working with Doran on a new multi-family apartment complex in Centennial,” says Olson. In this case, OE Construction is installing the water, sanitary storm, and fire lines on a complex site being |
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