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  Insights in Excellence for Site Activation
By Sean O’Keefe
"Thinking three steps ahead is key to success in site activation regardless of service."
Fitzsimons-Peoria Stormwater Outfall Project (FPSOP) - courtesy of BT Construction
Across Colorado, a plethora of design and construction professionals combine their expertise from a multitude of perspectives to activate developments of every sort. From earth work to artwork, creating dynamic places where people live, work, and play is a team effort. Colorado Construction & Design is delighted to shine a light on a few of our local industry standouts and explore the ins and outs of who does what, where, and how.
  Doug Lamson
Established in 2006, Boulder-based Chroma provides site planning and design services focused on character- defining placemaking that brings out the best in the purpose and people their projects serve. From community gateways and streetscape articulation to public parks, municipal gardens, and civic plazas, Chroma strives to identify
“We are committed to inspired placemaking,” Lamson says with quiet confidence. “Where place, purpose, and perspective intersect, there is a specialness. Our goal is to magnify that specialness so owners, stakeholders, and project partners can come to a consensus on how to best articulate it.”
Chroma’s suite of site animation services covers master planning and design for landscape architecture and urban development including wayfinding, bridge aesthetics, public art, and complimentary lighting and interpretive influences.
A local exemplar, Lamson is proud of Chroma’s role in animating the fifth and final phase of the Bond Park Master Plan for the Town of Estes Park.
“Bond Park is the historic green, the epicenter of community life for more than a century,” he shares. “Having a hand in where it is today is an honor and showcases where we thrive.”
and illuminate the specialness of place by understating owner ambitions and contextual influences, while placing achievability at the center of consensus-based decision making. Founding principal, Doug Lamson has been leading projects in Denver and across the country for more than 35 years, strives to deliver inspired placemaking on every assignment.
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