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integrated into a hillside. “We care about our projects and are committed to getting the work done correctly, on time, and on budget. Our reputation means everything to us.”
For 40 years ECI Site Construction Management, Inc. has been creating outdoor spaces across Colorado that energize
“If a scope of work is inadequately staffed or if a subcontractor is falling behind, ECI’s multifaceted workforce is staffed to step in and help out,” says Hitchcock. “Our superintendents are all skilled heavy equipment operators. We have concrete guys, and pipe installers, guys who can set large boulders, whatever is needed, we’re on it.”
By focusing on negotiated-delivery contracts, ECI concentrates on clients who invest in pre-thinking issues, solutions, schedules, and costs collaboratively.
“Preconstruction is where a project succeeds or fails,” shares Hitchcock succinctly. “A GMP-based contract flushes out the details, transparently defines costs and schedules, and solve problems the client didn’t see coming before the first shovel hits the ground.”
ECI’s reoccurring services with JeffCo Public Schools included site improvements at nine schools in 2019
and a 2020 contract to complete similar work at six schools between March and August. Improvements have included replacing grass sports fields with synthetic
turf and installation of post-tension tennis courts and track facilities. The upgraded fields and tracks have an anticipated lifecycle of some 30 years, making them a solid investment in a long-term future.
A family-owned business established in 1980, today
BT Construction is one of Colorado’s most reputable civil utility contractors. BT offers specialized expertise in open-
cut pipeline and tunneling required for water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater utilities, as well as electrical duct banks and underground chilled and steam water lines. The trenchless division, BTrenchless, delivers hydrovac excavation, pipe-bursting, slip lining, tunnel auguring and boring, pipe jacking, and microtunneling.
 communities, maximize client investments, and put smiles on people’s faces. Established in 1980 and operating out of their Loveland, CO offices, ECI has earned a well- established reputation for landscape construction leadership across a broad combination of outdoor spaces for sporting venues, parks, waterways,
 Tyler Hitchcock
schools, and other public-facing environments. Tyler Hitchcock, a superintendent with ECI, is currently responsible for leading the firm’s work on a series of District-Wide Field Improvement contracts for JeffCo Public Schools and appreciates the impact his work makes on communities ECI serves.
“I love building places where children play, places I can bring my own kids, where families enjoy the outdoors,” Hitchcock says of his career. “ECI leads construction management on large complex sites that support community connections and enhance the environment. We have particular expertise in riverways, large parks, and school sporting fields.”
Dakota Ridge HS - courtesy of ECI Site Management
As the local industry is aware, the shortage of skilled labor in subcontractor communities continues to be a primary challenge for construction managers in virtually every market. Large-scale land improvement is no exception and ECI often backfills resource voids with their own workforce.
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John Beckos
“At BT, we like to say the deeper and wetter, the better,” says John Beckos, Project Manager with BT Construction. Beckos has been with BT since 2013 and takes pride in working on the most challenging underground utility assignments around. “We have a lot of options under one roof, which is very important when you’re dealing
    with the intricate complexities of fully-operational urban infrastructure.”
Perhaps the most complex assignment BT Construction is currently delivering is the Fitzsimons-Peoria Stormwater |

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