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                                   AGC of America says: BE A LEADER and EMBRACE A CULTURE OF CARE
Good news! The U.S. economy is rebounding. The latest jobs report tells us the U.S. added 4.8 million jobs in June. Most companies that we talk to in Colorado are hiring. Our feeling is that this translates to a positive outlook for new construction starts in Colorado! Thanks to Michael Gifford at AGC Colorado, construction remains an essential business and is open for business. It’s time to be proactive! Now’s the time to let people know who you are and what you do.
To go to the next step, consider the AGC of America’s pledge to build a culture of care in your company. Ted Ott, CEO of Colorado Barricade brought to our attention that AGC of America has embraced an initiative called the Culture of CARE, where leaders can take a pledge to take bold and visible steps towards creating a diverse, safe, welcoming and inclusive construction industry.
The following is a statement from AGC of America:
“The recent tragedy in Minneapolis reminds us that our communities
are scarred and in need of healing. The construction industry has a responsibility to respond in a productive way by demonstrating that it provides opportunities for everyone to advance, prosper and succeed. Now more than ever it is important that construction sites and offices across
the country be welcoming and inclusive places to work. In that light, we urge our construction industry partners to take the Culture of CARE pledge and work with us to continue building an industry that is diverse, safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all.”
In this issue of CCD Sean O’Keefe covers education opportunities for those wishing to prepare for, or advance their careers in construction. Also in this issue, Paul Suter reports on the construction boom going on in Castle Rock.
We at CCD remind you to be leaders. Take the bold and visible steps toward creating diverse, safe, welcoming and inclusive construction industry. It’s up to each of us to commit and lead the way. For more on this, google “Culture of Care AGC.”
As always, send us your news! We’re here to help you build your business! In print and online, we’re here to help you build your business.
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