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   Keller Hayes
Keller Hayes is the Program Director of Transportation and Construction GirlTM, a pioneering effort in the transportation and construction industry to fill a void in workforce and provide sustainable careers for young women.
Keller was formerly the President of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Under her direction, it grew to the largest women’s
Keller holds a minor in Women’s Studies. With 16 years in the construction and transportation industry, she has worked with USDOT, CDOT, UDOT and NDDOT to provide technical assistance to women owned and minority owned companies.
Keller was awarded the Women in Business Advocate of the Year by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Colorado
& Region VIII. Both U.S. Representative Diana DeGette
and U.S. Representative Scott McInnis recognized her with
a U.S. Congressional Tribute. July 15, 2004 was named “Keller Hayes Day in Denver” by Mayor John Hickenlooper. The proclamation said “Keller Hayes is a role model to other women, encouraging them to achieve more than they thought was possible.”
chamber in the country. She developed an 8 month leadership training program for women, The Power of Leadership. T-REX selected this as one of their community development programs.
  Terri Olson
Terri Olson owns OE Construction Corp., a site preparation and underground utility contractor here in Colorado. Recently, she opened a heavy equipment operator training company
called Next Gen Equipment Training, providing cutting edge, technology based simulators to train operators on all types of construction heavy equipment.
company focused on computer software and hardware skills training and business technology consulting services. In 2006 she helped her son with his new venture in civil contracting and ultimately became an investor and Vice President with OE Construction.
“Our number one priority is to provide our employees with a safe work environment, a voice in the company operation and direction and to build a culture of inclusion and team building throughout the company. The backbone of every company is the people that are employed by the company and work every day to be the very best they can be, which in turn creates
great companies.”
Terri has over 25 years of experience in the technical training industry, specifically building and operating a training
A Salute to Wom
 Marilyn Akers Stansbury is the
CEO of Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM), a trade association serving more than 250 electrical contractor companies and industry partners in the residential, commercial, industrial, solar, low voltage and renewable energy industry. IECRM is also a four year apprenticeship training program and is the largest
Marilyn Akers Stansbury US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship program in Colorado.
Marilyn began leading the organization in 2015 and during that time membership has grown, benefits and services have expanded, policy and advocacy efforts have increased, and student enrollment in the apprenticeship program has doubled in size, currently serving more than 2100 apprentices.
Marilyn consistently works with the Government Affairs Committee to advocate for electrical contractors, staying current on policies and laws both locally and nationally. Marilyn ensures that IECRM serves as a resource to many businesses and legislators as it pertains to construction and general business issues. This has been especially valuable in 2020 in addressing the labor & employment, operational, financial, and safety protocol needs of member companies during COVID.
Marilyn loves her work and says the long term legacy she strives to leave is the public understanding that “being an electrician is a professional occupation equal to medical, legal, financial, insurance and other careers that require on-going continuing education and licensure." She wants to see more diverse populations, especially women, find joy and satisfaction as licensed electricians and business owners as they take pride in knowing and sharing with others “that’s my project.”
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