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by Paul Suter
We create dynamic communities for people and the cities they live in. Inspired by a man named Max and the friendly professionalism he was known for, we approach every project with integrity and intention.
Kevin Ratner is co-founder of
The Max Collaborative (along
with his partners Jon Ratner and Luke Palmisano), a real estate development firm that is making its Colorado presence known as their multifamily buildings are being built and forming a noticeable impression on the metro area skyline. Especially the One River North building that
is defined by a 10-story landscaped canyon carved into the building’s
16 story façade. But that’s not the only notable project that The Max Collaborative is currently involved
in locally, and it certainly won’t be the last.
With offices in Cleveland and Los Angeles, the firm is an outcome of Forest City, a development firm that was founded more than a century ago by the Ratner, Miller and Shafron families. Forest City has had a strong Denver presence through the years
One River North - under development in RiNo Arts District.
and was responsible for millions of square feet of thoughtful, innovative and community-centric development in the Denver metro area and throughout the nation. Inspired by that foresight and dedication, The Max Collaborative was formed in 2019, following the sale of the Forest City Realty Trust. Today, Kevin, his partners and team are active in Colorado once again.
“We have tremendous relationships in Colorado, and a solid track record of delivering quality projects that address and fulfill a community’s needs when it comes to real estate development,” said Kevin. “Denver is an incredible city that continues to look towards its future with optimism and vision. That’s a perfect fit for us because we are optimists who want to be on the cutting edge of all the great things the future of multifamily development holds.”
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