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 firm’s founder MA Yansong, the building is already making a strong impression on (and in) the minds of the people who have seen renderings of what the building will look like.
The Max Collaborative, along with a team that also includes Uplands Real Estate Partners, Wynne Yasmer Real Estate and Zakhem Real Estate, challenged the design
and construction team to build a structure that would be iconic for Denver, not just at the rooftop, but from top to bottom. That challenge, combined with MA’s vision of bringing nature into the city, was the inspiration for what will certainly become one of the most distinctive residential buildings in Colorado and
throughout the nation.
The outcome of the challenge is a canyon that undulates and flows across the face of the building, recalling the experience a person might have while climbing a mountain trail. Ascending from
the base of the canyon to what is emblematic of a mountain plateau at the building’s summit, residents and guests of One River North’s 187 residential units will enjoy a slice
of nature that has been blended into an urban landscape. They will enjoy more than 13,000 square feet of open-air amenity environments, including rippling water elements and a landscaped, trail-like walkway that traverses across four floors. Along the way, individuals will also
One River North
discover plant life and vegetation that is native to Colorado’s high plains climate, changing in shape, color and form with the changing seasons. Spaces will also be created where people can interact and gather in peaceful, idyllic settings.
“There were many times that we could have given up on MA’s ingenious design, but we never
gave in,” notes Kevin. “We were determined to build this building and build it in Denver. We’re only a few months away from the building’s completion later this year, and it’s very inspiring to see the large canyon and detailed spaces taking form. It’s also very motivating for doing more incredible projects in the future.”
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