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assessed that the need for women to have this community was growing, now more than ever. Meetings went virtual and the committee continued to thrive. Ale reflects, “With the determination that as construction was deemed essential during this challenging time, the role of women in the industry was also essential–so we were there for the members and anyone that was ready to join.”
“I grew up around powerful women, so I loved the idea of creating a safe space within the HCC for other females in the industry to create a strong network. The group kicked off in January 2020, and I believe women needed each other more
than ever at that time – as statistics proved that women were leaving construction at the height of the pandemic in growing numbers. Though it was kicked off at the worst time possible, we had a great showing in each meeting. It was evident that women within the HCC wanted a support system, especially for female small business owners.” - Summer Westbrooks
Spoiler alert, these three women in leadership succeeded and the WIL committee not only survived the pandemic but was successfully passed along to Susie Lanners and Jaime Clark fall of 2021. Together, Susie and Jaime added their creative aspects to the committee, designing a logo and
     Rosy Aburto McDonough
- Hispanic Contractors of Colorado Rosy has been a business consultant and mentor throughout her professional career. In January of 2021, she started as the Executive Director for Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC)/HCC Contractor Academy and oversees all aspects of the operation, strategy,
educational programs, and business development for both organizations. Her personal mission is to support and elevate Colorado’s small and disadvantage business; especially companies in the AEC industry. Previously, she served as the Director of the Minority Business Office of Colorado at the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT). Rosy is credited for developing the statewide vision for OEDIT focused on supporting small minority- women- and veteran- owned businesses. Under Rosy's leadership, staff implements the strategic plan, continuously meeting and exceeding established annual performance measures and impact goals.
She has extensive experience as an independent business consultant in the financial, business development, and procurement/certification state-wide. Rosy is also a former Associate Director of the Denver Metro SBDC and lead finance consultant and trainer in the areas of strategic management
and operations, financial analysis and funding sources, personal and business credit, and business development.
Rosy achieved her bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science (Applied Mathematics) at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City. Her graduating dissertation was Risk Management and she completed an MBA with emphasis in Finance and International Business at the University of Colorado at Denver.
Rosy was born and raised in Mexico providing her with a deep sense of biculturalism. She spends most of her free time with her three girls and husband. Her home is a tri-lingual and culturally diverse household with languages and diverse interest in Chinese and Latin cultures and traditions.
Susie Lanners
- Iron Woman Construction
As a proud third-generation construction industry professional, Susie has a deep appreciation for the craft and skill that builds our communities. She was raised on the mindset that there is opportunity for everyone in this industry. Her dad, a
retired Iron Worker and welding instructor, talks about this industry as a well-oiled machine, with every aspect equally
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