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Lindsay Brown
- Swinerton Builders
Driven by the value to build up the communities we build in, Lindsay places her advocacy for Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and empathetic leadership as a foundation both personally and professionally. After graduating from
Colorado State University (CSU) with a Bachelor in English Writing, Lindsay worked for the University as a construction contract administrator for 10 years before transitioning to her current role in Community Outreach at Swinerton Builders. Lindsay is passionate about building–building processes, building relationships, and building people–all of which are required to build excellence in construction.
Lindsay currently co-chairs the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC) Women in Leadership (WIL) Committee
and is a passionate advocate for Ripple Intent, serving as
a member of the annual Symposium Planning Committee. During her time at CSU she completed the CSU Leadership Development certificate, is a 2021 Academic Management Institute alumna, and was selected to participate in the 2022 Recovery Friendly Work Place certificate program.
Lindsay has enjoyed engagement with a variety of roles throughout her career including philanthropy management, contract management, construction procurement, event coordination, program management, and community and public relations. To balance her professional life, Lindsay spends time adventuring, camping, and hiking with family, friends, and her dogs.
Lisa Larance
- Mortenson
Lisa never considered herself a trailblazer. In college, she wanted a technical career that also incorporated the people and business sides of
the equation and chose to pursue Construction Management.
When Lisa started her career, there was little dialogue about women in construction – it wasn’t because women weren’t in the industry, there just weren’t that many. There were only three women in her graduating class and less than 10 women at the first company she worked for, and she was the only one in operations. At the time, she didn’t realize that the women were doing anything different.
As Lisa grew through her career, she began meeting other women in the industry, and started participating in Women in Construction conversations more than 20 years ago. Lisa shares, "It remains paramount that our industry requires continuous improvement in how we attract, retain, and
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support our women – all of them. I have been fortunate
in my career to have colleagues who are always willing to teach and include me. I never questioned whether or not I belonged. I do understand that the journey is different for each woman, each person – as we are all different. And yet we are the same. We all want to contribute, be seen,
and be part of something greater than ourselves."
Lisa is passionate about setting a successful course for women in construction. Joining the HCC’s WIL group continues to be rewarding and exciting for her – connecting amazing women from all facets of the construction industry...She is so grateful to be a founding member.
Erika Anderson
- Hensel Phelps
Erika currently serves at the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager for the Hensel Phelps Plains District. Prior to moving to work directly with a general contractor, she led in various capacities as the Culture of C.A.R.E. Manager for the Associated General
Contractors of Colorado. In 2016, just after completing
her Master’s in Counseling and having five years as an English as a Second Language Program manager for adults and children, she fell into and in love the construction industry. Erika has over 10 years of experience working with adults with barriers to employment, supporting craft professionals who have sought career advancement, networking professionals with other industry experts,
and communicating topics and resources that support areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her true passion is in improving the mental health and wellbeing of every individual in our industry.
In 2021, along with her teammates at the AGC, she spearheaded the Waymakers Campaign which opened
her eyes to the fact that women in our industry must be championed, empowered, and appreciated. She has been curious about how to support women (both current and future female industry leaders) in modeling attributes of leadership and pursue both personal and professional development ever since. She is honored to serve as the 2023 WIL Co-Chair filling in the large shoes of the WIL leadership that set such a firm foundation for growth before her.
When she’s not coming up with crazy ideas to see culture evolve at work she’s hosting dinner parties, playing volleyball or planning road trips to see family or friends.
Furthermore, Erika identifies two key leaders who are making the way for others: Karen Espejo, a faithful career navigator for the Construction Education Foundation, and Jennifer James, a Hensel Phelps safety engineer. |

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