Epsilon Builds-out Regional Headquarters on Fast-Track | by Sean O’Keefe

Global Marketing and consumer research giant, Epsilon, is transforming more than 68,000-SF of second-generation space for use as their new regional headquarters in Westminster. Located at 11030 Circle Point Road, Epsilon’s new space will take all of floors two and three and half of level-one in the four-story office building. The transformation is being led by a local team that includes commercial real estate brokers, Cushman & Wakefield, designers, BurkettEUA, with construction services being delivered by general contractor BOOTS Construction. The space is being delivered on a fast-track schedule that began in November 2017 and will wrap up in April of 2018.

The design for the redeveloped space places a premium on enhancing staff environments compared to their previous offices. Employees will benefit from great access to natural daylight with human-scale individual and team workspaces lining external walls. Large, thematically-distinct break rooms at both ends of each floor are designed as shared experience destinations for the entire office. Office spaces along internal corridors are complemented by breakout spaces and lavatories. Other improvements include ergonomically-correct Cityline workstations from Teknion and extensive lighting upgrades to enhance the natural daylight. Since BurkettEUA had also designed the previous tenant’s space during new construction, they
were able to gracefully and economically reincorporate existing design features into
Epsilon’s refreshed aesthetic. Image credit: Epsilon / BurkettEUA