DIA’s Concourse Expansion

Superior Roofing, Inc. (SRI) has been working meticulously on the DIA expansion and terminal projects, including: Terminal B’s DIA Concourse Expansion project installing a new 40,000 square foot fully adhered EPDM roof system; and, SRI’s Terminal A project installing a new 160,000 square foot fully adhered EPDM roof system. which is scheduled to finish by the end of December 2021.

Installation of a new fully adhered EPDM roof system comes with complexities. However, high-need projects, such as the DIA Concourse Expansion, come with their unique challenges. SRI had to meet accelerated timelines, requiring the team to power through Colorado’s cold and snowy winter and the wet and windy spring conditions.  Working at the DIA requires driver training and a high level of safety protocols all onsite contractors must follow.  Additional challenges were coordinating deliveries and stringent security check requirements.

Superior Roofing, Inc. is one of Colorado’s most well-known roofing and architectural metal companies that thrive on complex and challenging projects.