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Chris Lujan, Director of Claims at CCIGA Three-part Approach to Building a Smarter Construction Claims Strategy

by Chris Lujan, Director of Claims - CCIG

The optimal time to manage a claim is before it even happens – but only if you have the right resources and protocols in place.

That’s why CCIG embraces a comprehensive, multi-team process for construction claims management that encompasses risk analysis, safety program implementation, and post-claim support.

Here’s an inside look at how we create design-build programs for our construction clients.

#1. Proactive, Customized Risk Analysis and Safety Programs

Our team of risk management and safety experts create tailored programs specific to an individual company, not an industry.

By zeroing in and analyzing the specific losses and exposures for our clients, we can develop personalized programs to mitigate future losses and ensure our clients are better prepared for possible risks. When we take a deeper dive into the data and look at loss runs and recurring issues, we can work together to create protocols and procedures to address those nuanced safety issues.

Our Safety Practice works hand-in-hand with businesses of all sizes to structure forward-thinking safety strategies and programs. We support everyone from individual subcontractors to large construction companies by equipping them with the resources to get the job done safely.

#2. Dedicated Construction Claims Advocacy

The specialized demands of the construction industry require dedicated Claims Advocates who serve as the go-between from clients to carriers and vice versa. Our team has decades of experience on the carrier side, so we’re very familiar with the ins and outs of what carriers want and need from clients during the claims process.

When a claim does arise, it can be a complex road to navigate. Our Claims Advocates work alongside our clients every step of the way to make the claims process as seamless as possible. We start by determining the type of claim – construction defect, workers’ compensation, builders’ risk, etc. – and then understanding the level of exposure. Next, we analyze that information against the policy language to create a clear path forward.

CCIG’s industry-leading Safety, Claims, and Risk Analysis teams work in tandem with our clients throughout the claims lifecycle to build more robust programs and manage claims more efficiently.

#3. Enhanced Post-Claim Solutions

Employees who are injured on the job want to know their employer has their back. We believe we play a vital role in ensuring our clients’ employees feel valued.

We evaluate medical treatments to ensure employees are getting appropriate medical support, which occasionally includes involving a nurse case manager to ensure the employee gets what they need to return to work. If we uncover any treatment gaps or areas of excess treatment, we’ll work with the providers and carrier to address any concerns.

As part of our role in the process, we create multi-faceted cost-containment strategies that often include leveraging nurse case management, ensuring employees have access to transportation for treatment, and coordinating care needs.

We also maximize the expertise of our Safety Team to identify how our clients can prevent similar incidents in the future. Workplace safety considerations never stop evolving, and neither should your safety program.

Strategy in Action: One Construction Client’s Significant Win

We recently had the opportunity to support one of our construction clients as they prepared for their upcoming modifier number calculation. During our loss run review, we found an open workers’ compensation reserve that would have been detrimental to that calculation.

The carrier had reserves in excess of $50,000 for a workers’ compensation claim, but the employee was back to work and not actively receiving treatment. After contacting the carrier and providing further detail and medical document verification, the carrier brought the reserve down to $5,000 (which was under the client’s deductible). We were thrilled to let the client know that they were going to save nearly $12,000 on their premiums for that policy term.

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Our unique approach, backed by our bench of industry experts, means that construction companies and their teams can focus on the task at hand, knowing their risk management and insurance needs are handled.

CCIG’s Construction Practice is here to support you with risk analysis, claims advocacy, and safety program creation and management.

If you have questions about how we can work together, please visit thinkccig.com or email us at info@thinkccig.com.