4240 Wins 2020 Shutze Award

The Boundary, developed by Crescent Communities and operated by Montage Hotels and Resorts, takes advantage of the natural setting and lifestyle with architecture that celebrates materials and craftsmanship. The project was realized through team collaboration with a common goal of creating a venue that builds community and fosters exploration in a relaxed, yet elegant style. The Family Activity Center seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces through the use of breezeways and screen porches, and includes a game room, bowling alley that converts into a dance hall, restaurant, bike barn and smokehouse, as well as swimming facilities.  The massing and materials take their clues from the site, climate, and regional Low Country Architecture. 

“4240 Architecture shares a deep love of the classical design traditions in architecture,” says Christian Barlock, Principal at 4240 Architecture. 

4240 hopes the project continues the legacy of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) and serves as a place for families to gather for years to come.

Family Activity Center combination bowling alley/dance hall,
restaurant.  Photo credit: Clear Sky Images, shelly@clearskyimages.com