Owen-Ames-Kimball (O-A-K) Renovates Office with New Dynamic Look

Owen-Ames-Kimball (O-A-K) recently renovated their Colorado Office replacing an outdated workspace with new interior finishes. The primary objective was to create an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, aligning with the unique needs of O-A-K. The new design maximizes flexibility, making it an adaptable space that can seamlessly accommodate various events, from collaborative meetings to client presentations and team-building activities.

Flexible furniture arrangements, modular seating options, and multi-purpose workstations ensure the space can effortlessly transform and grow with the company as needed. This renovation created a workspace that inspires innovation, fosters teamwork, and offers an inviting atmosphere for our team, all while accommodating the diverse activities and functions of daily operations.

About Owen-Ames-Kimball Building since 1891, O‑A‑K offers commercial construction services to clients throughout the country, specifically Michigan, Florida, and Colorado. They specialize in community-driven construction projects, offering a customized experience. Contact O-A-K and learn how they can serve as your commercial contractor and construction partner.