Terra Boulder | A Modern Oasis for Tech and Life Sciences in Boulder, Colorado

At the heart of Boulder's tech and life sciences hub, Terra Boulder will sit as a testament to innovation and environmental stewardship. Conceived by Seattle-based developer Schnitzer West and designed by OZ Architecture, and lead by GC Swinerton this visionary project promises a blend of cutting-edge design and ecological mindfulness.

Project Goals and Challenges

Terra Boulder, will consist of two three-story buildings spanning 207,000 square feet with 10,000 square feet of amenities. The project also includes 147 surface parking spaces and 273 garage parking spaces. The project was conceived with a clear vision - to redefine the standards of office and life science spaces in the Front Range market. Oz Architecture's primary objectives were to create buildings and craft an experience—a rich campus that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings while offering unparalleled amenities. They aimed for excellence in every aspect, from architectural design to sustainability initiatives.

The project posed unique challenges, including developing a Class A Office/Life-Science project that transcended conventional norms. Oz Architecture's response was a multifaceted approach:

Best in Class: Terra Boulder aspires to be more than just another office complex. It aims to be a beacon of architectural brilliance, characterized by eye-catching aesthetics, meticulous attention to detail, and a fresh, innovative approach.

Rich Campus Experience: Drawing inspiration from the site's natural beauty, it is designed to be experiential, logical, and deeply connected to its surroundings. The architecture is evolutionary, offering unexpected elements that enrich the user experience.

Intentional Materiality: Every aspect of Terra Boulder's design is deliberate, focusing on using materials that enhance aesthetics and contribute to the project's sustainability goals.

Terra Boulder Life Sciences Building in Boulder

Project Solutions and Opportunities

The essence of Terra Boulder lies in its ability to adapt to and enhance the existing environment. By splitting the buildings into two and opening them up to the west for breathtaking views, we ensure that occupants feel connected to nature while enjoying state-of-the-art facilities. This split-form approach is also key to leasing for our client and ensuring future flexibility. The design underscores our commitment to preserving and improving the site while emphasizing sustainability, community integration, and economic viability.

Terra Boulder Life Sciences Building in Boulder

Key Highlights

Natural Harmony: Terra Boulder embraces its surroundings, respecting the existing landscape, wetlands, and habitats. Through intentional improvements and development, Oz aims to leave the site better than they found it.

Modern Interpretation: While paying homage to Boulder's industrial heritage, Terra Boulder offers a fresh perspective, blending historical context with contemporary design principles.

Award-Winning Potential: With its innovative use of materials, sustainable strategies, and thoughtful details, this project sets new standards in office development.

Stewardship Considerations

Terra Boulder represents a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. From rainwater capture and LEED O+M certification to exceeding local energy codes and prioritizing accessibility, every aspect of the project is designed with environmental and social responsibility in mind.

Terra Boulder Life Sciences Building in Boulder

Terra Boulder Outlook

Terra Boulder is a testament to what's possible when vision meets execution. With its blend of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, Terra Boulder is set to become a landmark destination for tech and life sciences companies in Boulder and beyond. With approvals in hand and construction scheduled to begin, Terra Boulder is poised to redefine the Boulder landscape and life sciences market.


The anticipated completion date of Terra Boulder is in the second quarter of 2026.