Shaun Egan’s Community Advocate Award

Shaun Egan’s Community Advocate AwardCongratulations go out to Shaun Egan, Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services President, for being awarded the Community Advocate Award at the recent Colorado Annual Awards Banquet!

Shaun has shown unwavering support and mentorship for the minority and disadvantaged business community. He is a champion for the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce and has been recognized as the Indian Chamber of Commerce Executive of the Year in 2018.

Shaun has given away more than $1M in shares of Iron Woman to create employee owners, and implemented an Immigration Legal Defense Fund at Iron Woman to support employees with the process of legal immigration.

Shaun spearheaded a Corporate Social Responsibility Program at Iron Woman with a focus on three core areas- housing equity, education and workforce development, and clean water. The program has supported Habitat for Humanity, the Greenway Foundation, and other notable nonprofit organizations within the Denver metro area. The program gives Iron Woman employees paid time off to volunteer. In 2021, Iron Woman team members posted 148 hours of volunteer labor, not including time spent on memberships and boards. With a goal of opening the door to home ownership for employees and the stability and wellness that it brings for their families, Iron Woman launched a first-time home buyers assistance program in which qualified employees can receive a down payment match. Additionally, Shaun created Open Flow, a 501C3 organization, to provide clean water to disadvantaged communities.

Shaun’s support of the HCC legislative committee has been extremely valuable to HCC and the construction industry. Shaun helped launch the HCC legislative committee and continues to support the efforts by sponsoring lobbyists.

Iron Woman is proud to have Shaun as a leader, mentor, and friend. This award is well deserved, congratulations!