City Park Golf Course Makeover in Progress

City Park Golf Course Makeover in Progress: The City and County of Denver is currently in construction on plans to develop an integrated stormwater management system using City Park Golf Course as a conduit and detention area during major weather events. By working with the topography and contours of the existing City Park Golf Course, the plan calls for integrating a water treatment channel that enhances course playability and enlivens the natural environment. The design strives to minimize impacts to existing trees, views, and horizon lines, while dentation ponds double as water hazards that increase the intensity of play.

General contractor Saunders Construction takes responsibility for delivering the project, which began in November of 2017 and is expected to continue well into 2019. Golf course design resource, iConGolf Studio, is joined by Denver-based design practice JOHNSON NATHAN STOHE in delivering the design documents, including plans for a new 17,000-SF clubhouse designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. The modern clubhouse facility incorporates materials that blend with the natural landscape. The building’s placement on the site and design both focused on preserving neighborhood views.

Adding new sidewalks along both York Street to the west and Colorado Boulevard to the east, as well as from 23rd Street to the clubhouse entrance is expected to increase neighborhood connectivity. The net gain of some 500 new trees added to the site also helps support the City’s interest in developing a healthy, responsible reforestation plan and improves the quality of our natural environment.

Image/Credit: Saunders Construction