Pioneering Mixed-Use Development Coming to Cherry Creek

2nd & Adams seamlessly blends office and retail spaces in a five-story package. The architecture integrates masonry, steel, and glass, fostering a strong connection with the streetscape and aligning strategically with the high-end commercial area of Cherry Creek North. Magnetic Capital, OZ, and Mortenson are working towards groundbreaking this 90,000-square-foot mixed-use development at the cross streets of 2nd & Adams. With an anticipated construction start in early Q2 2024, the five-story project represents a new, upscale blend of office and retail and is projected to be complete by Q4 2025.

Activated from the street to the roof, a Live Work Play concept is central to the 2nd & Adams, emphasizing hospitality and prioritizing food and beverage offerings. The owners are engaged in discussions to bring a national-level F&B experience to the rooftop, creating a unique offering in Cherry Creek North and Denver. The ground floor will be activated with retail and amenities to attract office tenants while engaging with the well-established neighborhood grid.

The building will buffer the adjacent residential/office mixed zoning. The design, characterized by pronounced brick detailing and a jewel glass form, contributes to and complements the urban fabric unique to this transition between high-end single-family and commercial corridor. Notable features include an active roof deck restaurant with stunning views, a unique indoor/outdoor level 1 restaurant/bar, and an interior lobby open to the bar area.

Overall, 2nd & Adams represents a thoughtful and innovative approach to mixed-use development, addressing the evolving trends in office spaces and community engagement while making a splash in the Cherry Creek and Denver markets.