DHA’s Sun Valley Affordable Housing Infrastructure Project – Pinkard Construction

Pinkard Construction has been awarded The Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver (“DHA”) Sun Valley Infrastructure project. The project is the basis for DHA’s Sun Valley Neighborhood Transformation Plan, which includes replacing 333 obsolete public housing units with over 900 mixed-income units.

The scope of work restores the historic street grid, updates sitewide civil infrastructure, and develops the first phase of a new Riverfront Park along the Platte River trail.

Speaking about the project, Construction Manager Jess Becerra said, “Our teams have shown Denver Housing Authority we truly want to be a partner of their vision and change the Denver Metro area in a good way.”

The project site is located within the Sun Valley neighborhood in the City and County of Denver, between 11th Avenue on the north, 9th Avenue on the south, Decatur Street on the west, and the Platte River on the east.

The Sun Valley Neighborhood is currently comprised of a disconnected street grid and an island of concentrated poverty, which isolates Sun Valley from economic opportunity and area amenities. As a result, the neighborhood has become the lowest-income neighborhood in Denver, with 80% of residents living in poverty.

Pinkard’s relevant projects include large infrastructure projects on tight sites that required accommodating other contractors and/or providing for the comfort and safety of occupants of the site/existing buildings. These projects include the City and County of Denver Central Platte Campus; Bison Ridge Recreation, Roads, and Infrastructure project for Commerce City; and the Grace Gardens at Derby Hill Affordable housing infrastructure project in Loveland in conjunction with Loveland Habitat for Humanity.

Construction began in July of this year and is projected to continue through the beginning of 2024.