Jeffco Schools Foundation Gala

Supporting Students and Growing the Local Design and Construction Talent Pipeline

The Jeffco Schools Foundation (JSF) Gala is fast approaching and will help to support over 84,000 Jeffco students to thrive and to access their bright futures. Funds directly support academic, enrichment, and essential supports for students and schools. Funds are needed to continue this history of support for Jeffco students.  Efforts supported through JSF, in partnership with Jeffco Public Schools programs such as CareerLinks, workbased learning, apprenticeships, and internships foster interest and skill development of high school students in the design and construction industries.

A virtual fundraising event is scheduled from November 13 through December 4, with a silent auction as well as an in-person Gala on May 14, 2022. Jeffco Schools Foundation is seeking sponsorships from Jefferson County and Metro Denver area companies and partners to provide necessary supports that ensure Jeffco students thrive, and also to diversify and expand the local talent pipeline for employers. Sponsors will receive recognition in communications, online via the event platform, newsletter and social media recognition, among other outlets.

There are numerous sponsorship levels available, ranging from $1,500 to $25,000.  Information regarding the sponsorship levels and ways to donate items to the silent auction is available at

“Many of our high school students are beginning to consider career paths, and the Gala provides the financial support to ensure students have a number of opportunities to explore and develop industry-relevant skills in design and construction and beyond,” said Adele Willson, Jeffco Schools Foundation Board Member and Principal, HORD COPLAN MACHT.

“The design and construction fields may not be something students have explored or thought about, making school-based career exploration opportunities critically important, particularly before students enter college and start paying for an education that may not be a right fit for them. Supporting students in finding their paths toward their bright futures is a priority for us, as is ensuring a local and diverse talent pipeline for our design and construction employers and companies.”

Among the sponsors taking part in this year’s Gala is Ackerman Engineering ($7,500 level), an advocate of supporting Jeffco students since the company’s inception in 2000.  An electrical engineering firm, Ackerman is in charge of converting Jeffco’s school lighting to LED and is in the midst of the largest conversion for the entire school system. Ackerman Engineering is joined by visionary companies across Jeffco dedicated to ensuring student supports and growing a local and diverse talent pipeline for employers.

“Half of our team of employees are graduates of Jeffco Public Schools and many of our team’s children currently attend or graduated from Jeffco, so needless to say the schools are very dear to us,” said Don Ackerman, company founder.  “Even though we are not the largest company in our sector serving Jeffco, we believe in investing big in Jeffco students and we are dedicated to our outstanding relationship with Jeffco because we believe in igniting and illuminating the potential of every Jeffco student to thrive.”

About Sponsoring the May 14, 2022 JSF Gala and November 13-December 4, 2021 Virtual Auction
Jeffco Schools Foundation invites sponsorships and sponsorship add-ons for their November 13, 2021 virtual silent auction! Sponsorship perks include recognition in communications, online via the event platform, newsletter recognition, social media recognition and more! Act now to support Jeffco students this year through your remaining 2021 available philanthropic budget and plan to include support for the May 14, 2022 Gala in your 2022 budgeting!

The May 14, 2022 Gala will be hosted at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with dazzling student art and STEM presentations, a live auction program with amazing items, dinner and dancing, all hosted by Ed Greene of 9news. With exclusive access to the Coors Gems and Mineral Hall, together we will celebrate the uniqueness of each of these precious gems and minerals and think of our Jeffco students. They are unique, they are precious, and they are worthy of our time, intention, and investment to unearth their unique potential.

Event Registration: Contact Angela Baber, Executive Director, Jeffco Schools Foundation, for more information at

About Jeffco Schools Foundation
Jeffco Schools Foundation is a nearly forty-year long nonprofit partner to Jeffco Public Schools. Our vision is that every Jeffco student thrives, operationalized through our mission to secure resources and engage in partnerships to ensure Jeffco students thrive through equitable, excellent, and engaging educational experiences. We provide academic, enrichment, and essential supports to students, families, educators, and schools. As the oldest schools’ foundation in Colorado, we have a long and trusted partnership with our district in service of our students. In 2019-20, Jeffco Schools Foundation directly supported at least 80 percent of schools, the majority of those in multiple ways. In 2020-21, we are approaching support to nearly 100 percent of our schools, many in multiple ways. Learn more about us through our 5-year strategic plan: Every Jeffco Student Thrives 2025.

About Jeffco Public Schools
Jeffco Public Schools has been providing educational excellence for 70 years. The district serves over 84,000 students at 155 schools. Jeffco Public Schools is dedicated to changing the classroom experience through Readiness for Learning, Conditions for Learning, and Learning as outlined in the Jeffco Strategic Plan. For more information

About Jefferson County
Within Colorado, Jefferson County represents 9% of the state’s population, 11% of the labor force, 9% of K-12 students, and 19% of businesses. Jefferson County represents a vast geography with one of the highest skilled workforces in the country. Jobs requiring higher skills are projected to increase by 40 percent in the state, and in Jeffco that number is above the state projection. Jefferson County boasts over 41,000 businesses, over 97 percent of which employ less than 100 individuals. Jeffco also has a diversity of industry sectors, offering many opportunities for students to explore and pursue paths toward their bright futures.