Happy Retirement Wade Gilbert

Wade Gilbert, Manager of Engineering/Principal at K+A.

Significant upgrades to the geotechnical engineering capabilities of Kumar & Associates, Inc. (K+A) occurred with the addition of Wade Gilbert to the K+A staff in 2005. He obtained his engineering degrees from Tennessee Technological University and Arizona State University. He had 16 years of progressive engineering experience in Washington and Utah, and he obtained PE licenses in those states and Colorado. The list of projects and management experience could have gotten him a position in any geotechnical engineering company, but he landed at K+A.

When his family situation moved him to Colorado, K+A was very happy to have him as a senior engineer providing mentorship to the younger engineers with his knowledge and stories about interesting projects.  Some of those projects included building an interstate highway on soft compressible soils in Seattle and facilities for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

In Colorado, he managed small and large projects including: Denver International Airport - Concourse A & C Expansions; Erickson Wind Crest Retirement Community; North Water Treatment Facility for Denver Water; mid-rise towers in Downtown Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus/Fitzsimons; and a host of other projects. He was meticulous in his report writing and soon had a following of structural engineers seeking his opinions on difficult situations. Young engineers learned from his knowledge, and all are better for it.

Before retiring earlier this year, Wade progressed to Manager of Engineering and Principal. Even though he announced his retirement, K+A continued to see him in his office often plodding on the keyboard. Wade will keep working with developers and clients who want his input and expertise on important matters. It is his nature to make sure they get the best information for the success of their projects but will be introducing the young professionals at K+A to those clients to foster his business relationships.

Who would have thought working with soils and rocks could be that interesting? He does and makes it so for others working with him. Working with him is like being a part of Wade’s World of geotechnical engineering, and we just live in it.

K+A wishes him well in his retirement and his upcoming new life. He is retired, but not gone, and will always be a part of the K+A family.