Adams County Veterans Memorial: A Place to Honor, Remember and Reflect

While all community parks provide unparalleled value to the communities they serve, it is rare to find one that holds as much heartfelt meaning as the Veterans Memorial, located at Riverdale Regional Park in Adams County.

The memorial is part of the plans that Adams County has in place for the advancement of Riverdale Regional Park in Brighton. The purpose of this project is to provide a space that not only honors living military members – both active and retired – but also recognizes our nation’s heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Veterans Memorial will feature numerous unique elements, most fascinating of which being a replica of the USS Colorado battleship, which will extend into the park’s lake.

The County’s hope is that the memorial will also be used as a place where families can keep our country’s history alive. By having a space dedicated to veterans’ service to our nation, multiple generations can gather to tell their own stories of serving in the military and reflecting on the wars and battles that have given us the liberties we enjoy today.

Project Team: Adams County Government, ECI Site Construction Management, Inc., Otak, Inc., and DHM Design

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