JHL Constructors Awarded the Maybell Diversion Restoration Project

The Maybell Diversion, an iconic structure built in 1896, has been a vital source of water for multiple agricultural and livestock producers in northwest Colorado. For over a century, it has channeled water through a headgate into the Maybell Ditch, an 18-mile canal that irrigates hay pastures, ranchlands, and provides essential livestock water.

The Maybell Irrigation District, The Nature Conservancy, JUB Engineers, River Restoration, and JHL Constructors (JHL) have joined forces to revitalize the Maybell Diversion and modernize its aging headgate. The goal of this collaborative effort is to ensure that the diversion continues to provide water effectively, sustaining the region's agriculture and livestock industry.

JHL’s scope of work encompasses the replacement of the existing headgate, the installation of cofferdams to divert the Yampa River for restoration work to commence, updating and stabilizing the drop structures, riprap placement, and earthwork. This comprehensive approach will not only ensure the structural integrity of the diversion but also enhance its environmental sustainability.

"The Maybell Diversion project is more than just a renovation; it's a commitment to securing a sustainable future for our agricultural and livestock communities," says Sr. Project Manager Charles Bisbee at JHL. "Our partnership demonstrates our collective dedication to preserving this historic resource while modernizing it for the benefit of current and future generations."

Together, this partnership is working to ensure that the Maybell Diversion remains a cornerstone of northwest Colorado's agricultural and livestock industry for years to come.

Additional project information can be found HERE

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