Use Print to Build Trust and Digital to Reinforce It

In 2020, the Global Commercial Printing Market had a value of $411.99 billion. By the end of 2026, it is estimated to value $472.35 billion, according to NAPCO Research. The world may become more digital, but the value of print continues to rise as it creates tangible components of a company's story.

Print is the most trusted source of information and brand messaging across all demographics, according to a survey by Marketing Sherpa. Colorado Construction & Design magazine's (CCD) print magazine provides you with the ability to put something tactile into the hands of your most important audience, who just so happens to be CCD Magazine subscribers! CCD's print magazine instills reader confidence, invites engagement and builds trust better than digital media where fact checking and content origination can't always be verified.

We are in the business of opening doors.
Why choose one over the other, print or digital when you can have both with CCD magazine?
We believe in opening doors not closing them... When you choose just digital advertising you're essentially closing a door of opportunity. All news published in print will be included in CCD's eMagazine doubling your advertisement exposure. All digital ads will contain a link to your website URL, landing page/download, or email address - the choice is yours.

"At CCIG, we love that CCD Magazine has both a print and digital publication, allowing us to maximize the possibilities of our content. By re-purposing print content for digital and vice versa, we can make the most of our team’s time and budget. Recent studies have shown that campaigns are 400% more effective when digital and print efforts are combined, demonstrating the incredible impact that an integrated campaign can make on your business." ~ Davis Snedeker, Director of Growth Marketing, CCIG

Leverage your print ad efforts to make a digital impact and reinforce your brand. 
Experts expect digital advertising to increase by 50% over the next four years, so it’s crucial to integrate a digital aspect into your print marketing and advertising plan. CCD magazine has put together Ad packages to save you precious time and money by combining both tactics to build your company’s brand and reinforce it.

CCD magazine's print advertising packages include digital advertising FOR FREE! 
That's right, no charge - we understand the importance of digital advertising and don't believe you should have to choose between the two. Instead we make them work together without increasing our ad rates! It's simple, we want your marketing campaign and your company to succeed. As we all know, repeat business is the best kind of business. Incidentally, 90% of our advertisers renew their ad campaigns every year.

Make it CCD Magazine official.
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