Brown and Caldwell to Lead Large-scale Improvements at Drinking Water Treatment Facility – Boulder, CO

The City of Boulder, Colorado, has engaged Brown and Caldwell to provide professional engineering and design services at the City’s Betasso Water Treatment Facility (BWTF) to address aging infrastructure and enhance disinfection and corrosion control systems.

Built in 1964 and significantly renovated in 2018, the BWTF is Boulder’s primary drinking water treatment facility, with a capacity of 40 million gallons per day (MGD). The conventional surface water treatment plant is located in the foothills west of Boulder. It treats water from North Boulder Creek and Barker Reservoir.

Consistently providing high-level service to water customers, findings from the City’s 2019 Asset Inventory & Maintenance Project highlighted various aging and critical components at the BWTF requiring capital repair and replacement, regular maintenance, and improvements to meet the City’s level of service goals.

The improvements will increase resiliency and enhance redundancy for pH & corrosion control systems, disinfection, backwash supply, and primary facility source water feed piping.

Upon completion, the facility will be equipped with twin 20 MGD treatment trains allowing major infrastructure to be out of commission for future maintenance or emergencies without service interruptions while continuing to meet increasingly stringent regulations.

Construction is scheduled for completion by spring 2024.