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There are several reasons why advertising and publishing your news in CCD magazine is a smart marketing strategy. Here are the top six reasons:

1. Targeted audience: CCD is a multi-award winning publication with print and digital distribution to general contractors, land developers/owners, city/county/state development officials, architecture and engineering firms, and specialty contractors and suppliers. When you advertise and publish your news in CCD, you will reach a highly targeted audience that is interested in your products or services.

2. Credibility: CCD has built a high level of credibility and authority that is difficult to replicate in other advertising mediums. By advertising in CCD, you are associating your brand with a trusted source in the industry.

3. Longevity: Print ads have a longer shelf life than many other forms of advertising. People often hold onto magazines and refer back to them later, which means your ad will continue to be seen long after its publication date.

4. Tangibility: Print ads provide a tangible experience that other forms of advertising can't match. People can touch and feel the magazine, which has been proven to create a stronger emotional connection to the content and the advertisements - improving memory retention.

5. Brand awareness: Advertising in CCD will help to build brand awareness among your targeted audience. Even if someone doesn't need your product or service immediately, they will remember your brand when they do in the future.

6. Complimentary services: All full year contracted advertisers also receive banner ad placement on and in monthly eNewsletters, a two-page Industry Spotlight, unlimited publishing of expert articles, opportunities to publish multipage project features, social media marketing, and FREE project photography (up to two projects).

A Proven, Smart Marketing Strategy

Overall, print and digital advertising with Colorado Construction and Design® is a proven, smart marketing strategy for businesses in the construction and design industry looking to consistently reach a targeted audience with a credible and long-lasting message.

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