Damon Cruz-Magdaleno, Pioneering the Future of Red Rock Construction and Landscaping

In the vibrant landscape of Greeley, Colorado, Red Rock Construction and Landscaping LLC shines a spotlight on Damon Cruz-Magdaleno, a beacon of talent and promise within their ranks.

Damon embarked on his journey with Red Rock Construction and Landscaping three years ago (from the inception of the company) starting as a diligent Laborer on their Landscape maintenance crew. His rapid ascent within their organization is a testament to his unwavering dedication, innate skill, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Transitioning swiftly from his role as a Laborer, Damon embraced the challenges of becoming one of their esteemed Landscape Estimators, demonstrating remarkable foresight and proficiency in his craft. However, it is his recent transition, from Estimator to a pivotal role in the company's future, that truly exemplifies his potential. Red Rock Construction is proud to announce their plan to propel Damon into the esteemed position of pre-construction manager.

Integral to Red Rock Construction's continued success, Damon's contributions have been nothing short of extraordinary. Since 2020, Red Rock Construction and Landscaping has experienced exponential growth under his guidance, doubling revenue year after year.

Born and bred in Greeley, Damon's roots run deep within the community, instilling in him a profound sense of purpose and pride in his work. As a graduate of Greeley Central High School, Damon's ascent serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who dare to dream. His journey underscores the values of perseverance, innovation, and leadership that define Red Rock Construction and Landscaping.

As Red Rock Construction prepares Damon to assume the mantle of pre-construction manager, they do so with utmost confidence in his abilities. His passion, drive, and unwavering commitment to excellence will undoubtedly catapult Red Rock Construction and Landscaping towards a future filled with success and prosperity.

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