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by Michael Gifford, AGC CO Advocacy Director, Former CEO/President - AGC Colorado

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Members of the Colorado construction industry continue to report workforce as the number one long-term issue facing their firm and the industry. The challenge extends from the field to the office and the C-suite. Retiring baby boomers add to the challenge. AGC & CEF estimate we need to grow our workforce from 185,000 today to 220,000 by 2027.

In response, AGC has stood up the Construction Education Foundation (CEF) and given CEF the mission of addressing the workforce issue.

Careers in Construction Program
AGC & CEF have partnered with the HBA to form the Careers in Construction high school construction trades program. The program provides high schools with an approved and certified curriculum, instructor training, lesson plans, certificates issued to each student, and a $1,000 reimbursement from the state for each student. The schools provide the instructor, space and students.

The CIC program is now running at 48 high schools across Colorado, with 2,000 students participating. AGC members were recently able to interview and hire seniors that are graduating in May 2023, at 2 hiring fairs in Denver and Colorado Springs. There were over 100 students ready to start their career at each of the hiring fairs.

Rough Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
To help create a clear pathway for these students, CEF has created a 2-year commercial and residential carpentry apprenticeship program so they can see a career & skill pathway coming out of the CIC Program and into the industry. This program is registered through the US Dept of Labor. Participants can also continue on to the CITC Carpentry Apprenticeship Program if they want to complete the 4-year program.

The first class is up and running with 10 students and registration is open for the next cohort starting in August, 2023.

Sustainable Construction for High School Students
CEF has created a new 50 credit hour Sustainable Construction for High School Students certificate program. The program is delivered in-person and virtually to Careers in Construction program students across the state at the 48 existing high school programs.

OSHA Training Institute Training Center
CEF has also been designated by OSHA as one of 26 OETIC location in the country to deliver the full range of safety classes and topics including the OSHA 500 series.

CEF Workforce Development Center
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